Ever wondered how to change the title in the .CHM file in robohelp?

I have been through almost all the settings in Robohelp and I have found nothing worked. I googled and narrowed down my search and I found I needed to edit a file. This was only what I found, I don’t know if there is a setting in Robohelp that actually will set this internally. One main requirement is you will need to have the layout set as “Primary”

You will need to change the layout to – “Primary Layout” for “Microsoft HTML HELP” if your primary layout is something else.

1. Open Robohelp 7.

2. Open the file you need to change the heading.

3. Right click on the “Microsoft HTML HELP” in the “Single Source Layout” pod.

4. In the context menu select “Set as Primary Layout”.

Now you can follow the steps below to change the header.
1. Open “Windows Explorer” and then browse to the location of your project files.

2. Find the fiel xxxx.hpp (where xxxx is the name of the project.)

3. Open “Notepad” and then click and drag this file to notepad.

4. Once it’s open you will see a section that says

NewWindow=”Tempus XXX XXX”,”Tempus Basic Data.hhc”,”Tempus Basic Data.hhk”,””,””,,,,,0x40080520,0,0×3006,[5,5,512,384],0x0,0x0,,0,0,0″

Now you can change the text in the first sextion with the X’s to what you want the header to be.

······Remeber you will need to have “Microsoft HTML HELP” as your primary layout or that file will not be created.