How to properly boil grain that was not soaked

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So this is a quick thing I learned from my mother-in-law. We know how to boil (cook) grain by soaking it over night and boiling it in the morning. Have you tried to boil it when it was not soaked and they came out pretty bad.

Well here is a quick tip to boil your grains and get them just right.

Things you need.

  1. Pressure cooker
  2. Grains
  3. water

So what you do is put the water in the pressure cooker and grains and put it to boil. When the pressure builds up the steam will escape from the nozzle leaving a big *SHHHHHHH*

Let it do that for like three times then you switch it off for like 10 mins. leave it like that and DO NOT remove the lid. Ater 10 mins just switch it back on and let it rip for another 6 hoots.

Let it be on for another minute or two and release the steam by lifting the weight on the nozzle with a knife. Check the grain and it should be done properly.


Sri Lankans ftw

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I went yesterday to the Dialog office to reactivate my wife’s old sim. As I was been entertained by a service rep another guy pops in and asks for some leaflets for a mobile broadband connection. She hands over the leaflets with the rates and tariffs and he leaves.

Minutes later he comes back and they have an animated conversation.

Customer :- All the rates here include the dongle + sim or just the dongle.

Rep : – Just the dongle sir.

Customer : – oh I see. Is this locked or unlocked?

Rep :- it is locked sir.

Customer :- Can I use it with another sim? like airtel or something.

Rep:- No sir, it’s locked.

Customer :- Can you unlock it for me?’

Rep :- No sir we cannot unlock it.

Customer goes. Rep looks at me and says “What am I to say? Sri Lankans” and she sighs.

Sri Lankan Police FTW.

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So here I am writing after a long time. Sorry for the delay as I got married recently and was preparing for it. Now I am back on track so I am starting my new blog post about the Sri lankan police.

Just got fed up of all the junctions where cops swarm. They are in almost any junction with traffic lights or NOT. It’s strange how traffic automatically generates when they are close by. Maybe this is why they are called traffic cops.

Today was one of the most annoying days as I was driving with my wife to the Hospital. The traffic started from the end of WA Silva Mawatha and entrance of Pamankada in Wellawatte. Went all the way to the roundabout and to Havelock town. You know where the reebok shop is? it went all the way there. What was all this halabaloo? There were three cops at the junction.

On a Saturday it took us 15-20 minutes to go that bit BY CAR. On a normal day it takes around 5-7 mins to do that stretch without cops.

Traffic cops are there just to create traffic. One of the main spots is the junction before the Dehiwela bridge. Remember how all the busses going towards Moratuwa had to go through an alternate road before the bridge.

Sometimes there are four cops in a four-way junction for each road. Each will try and direct traffic their own way and cause more traffic. Why the hell do they want to do this? Do they think they are doing their duty?

e.g. abroad Traffic cops are there when the traffic signals don’t work and someone is needed to direct traffic.

Motivation to work – by myself

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Work is good, you can do a ton,
If we all had this motive and worked for fun,
it would be nice and easy to say,
that working is not that really very gay.

Some days are bad and other times shyt,
sometimes you just wanna lay a brick.
but if you think you can do this right,
nothing is impossible and can be finished before night.

So when you come to work that day,
Just look at that shyt and just say "Hey,
I love this shyt and do my work,
cos working is my passion, and am not a jerk.

So once you do it and finish this lot,
then you can go home and sleep in a cot.
cos you feel it’s kewl and awesome at time,
to work hard in office and think its no crime,

cos the day was good and it went pretty well,
so the next day your boss would not have to Yell,
"Hey WTF, you didn’t work your stuff,
what do you take me for, a muff?".

So now my story ends here,
and hope this note just gave a cheer.
Have a wonderful and bright day.
shyting and working all the way.

Gamers and girls

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So I was casually doing nothing and I thought I should start writing on this cos me buddy asked me. Even if she didn’t i’d have written it.. lol

Anyways so what’s with gamers and girls? What do you mean by that? First let me give you a small definition about a gamer. A gamer can be a female or a male. I bet you thought that I was referring to guys? :P.

So what’s the difference between a gamer and a girl? well a gamer to another gamer is not different. We are all one, in this virtual world where we all meet and slaughter each other where there are no boundaries. We are all one, we got the same equipment, clothes, we die the same way, we spawn for new rounds the same way. To emphasize this more clearly there is no different when a female plays CS and a guy playing CS.

So what’s the hype about a female gamer? abroad there are many female gamers. They have clans and stuff. It’s a whole new world. So why am I writing this post? well it’s to just say we need to come out of our shells and show what girls are made of in Sri Lanka. Yea baby, that’s right. Sri Lankan female gamers are no where to be seen. I mainly think it’s the culture we have. The way we are brought up.

Remember guys evolve with whatever comes, our resistance to change is far less than a female. Let me get a good example. We all have parents/guardians, yea? So just look at them for a moment. Your mom would be screaming the head off “Why are you playing games?” “it’s a waste of time”, “When we were small your dad didn’t play games”, “Look @ your cousin when they were your age they never played games (this was cos games were rare when they were small)”. Now take your dad for example. You dad will come “Hey what’s this?”, “Some new game?”, “Ok kill that last boss and come for dinner, ok?”. (personal experience)

So how come this happened? well from my PoV i think it’s cos how we are accepted in our society. If there was a female who played games and her friends got to know she’d be the laughing stock in her gang. Women think guys playing games are very childish. I think not.

So this is why we @ Lanka e-Sports ( are organizing the WCG Colombo event and giving registration fee free to promote female games to get them out and show there friends that they are proud gamers.

To all the female gamers in Sri Lanka “We are but one, there is no shame of losing or any such. We are all equal” so even though you win or lose in the end what matters is if you enjoyed it. So call your gaming friends and set a team and get registered here (’s all for now folks will keep you posted on any other event we do.

take care gamers.

Quote of the day

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Whatever you give a women, she will make greater. If you give her sperm, she’ll give you a baby. If you give her a house, she’ll give you a home. If you give her groceries, she’ll give you a meal. If you give her a smile, she’ll give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her.

So if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit.

Where do I start?

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Hmmmm… ok am totally confused and I really don’t know what to do.. or where to start… I have tried writing stuff but I don’t know how all these fancy things work on a blog… How do you create a category?… what are all these archives? how are those created? Do i need to put everything in place from behind… so confusing…

I have seen almost everyone make super blogs… why do I suck @ it?… it cannot be that hard right…

anyone out there… if you see this plz help me… 😦

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