Hey all! Been a while since i wrote something. Today just want to talk about positive thinking. What does this really mean? If we think positive do we get anything in return? How do we know.

So first off let me shed some light on this. This is only my own experience and you be the judge of it. (Please note that during my childhood I never knew anything about this.)

During my childhood I always loved to play console games. My neighbor had a NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) and I always thought how awesome it will be to have one. When i did school work I always thought about games I played and if I died in a place how I can try something different etc. After two years my grand mother told me “I have collected some money and I want to buy it for you.” I was like “WHAT?” and was happy.

Then I wanted a computer badly and was thinking “if I had one how it would be”. So during my O/L’s my dad said I need to get through the exam and he shall see. So my goal had a sub goal to getting through O/L’s. i got through it and I got the computer.

About my dream girl. I always had a thought how my dream girl would be. Like me crazy and weird at times. Wanted someone happy and understanding. I know in Sri Lanka what type of women are there and I thought the one I dreamed existed. I had bad times asking girl out and getting rejected. My idea was strong and I kept thinking to my self seeing the couples on the roads “If that guy can get a girl like that why can’t I” I always thought in the end I will find someone who I can spend the rest of my life with. I had been thinking for it from 22 onwards. When I was 29 I found her. I had no reason to be someone else. I can be myself and she accepted me for who I am. She had studied in Russia so she is not like the typical women we see in Sri lanka. She also had the same thought of finding the right guy because she had issues with her love life too. (So ofc I married her :P)

Next was my carrier. When I had finished my school and started to go to the University I always thought again ”I will work in a good organization” and to make it short I am currently employed at Intel EM, Sri Lanka.

So my words of wisdom to you is never give up hope when everyone is against you. If you fail learn from the mistakes and be ready to accept your mistakes. Learn from them and build a better mental state. Never give up fast. Try and think positive. This doesn’t mean it happens quickly like “I have been thinking about this for a week but no results” If you actually look at what happened to you during the week you might actually find small things that had build up to make a pathway to where you need to go.

Good example I read was about two guys going to an interview.

First guy was very negative. He was thinking “WHAT IF….” and always lacked positive attitude. So in the end he woke up late, went for the interview with crumpled shirt for the electricity was out and looked like a mess. Had no idea what he was answering and showed nervousness, This lead him to not get the job.

To this same interview the positive guy was thinking “I will…”and always thought what it would be like to work in that company. Things about how he can impress the boss. This lead him to go to their website to understand the organization. He had ironed the shirts and trousers that night and kept the alarm on the clock. Next day woke a few minutes earlier than the alarm. Had lots time to go for the interview. During the interview he showed a positive attitude and got the job.

So always be positive and visualize what you want the out come to be. The saying I always go with “Aim for the stars and you might hit a coconut tree”.

Share your similar stories as well. 🙂