First off anyone would want to know what MOBA games mean? As the title reads Massive Online Battle Arena. This genre is quite new and was discovered during the era of Aeon of Strife map in Starcraft I. Once the all-round best RTS at that time, Warcraft III came out a map called DOTA (Defense of the Ancients) was developed. This took online gaming to the next level. After this a huge number of games came in such as Heroes of Newerth, Leagues of Legend and Bloodline Champions

So let’s have a fast run through some of the most popular MOBA games here.

Idea of a MOBA game

The idea behind a MOBA game is very simple, to annihilate the enemy and take over control. Each side will consist of a base and base defense (towers, minions). Once the game starts the automated minions will clash from either side in an epic battle. The goal is to help the team you are on push to the enemy base and destroy it. Each MOBA game has its own mechanics of achieving Victory. Main aspects of any MOBA game would be compromised of the following.

1. Map Awareness and Map Control. (Knowing who is missing and when your team needs you)
2. Positioning. (Be there when and where you are needed)
3. Knowing your limits and timing. (knowing the heroes play style and builds)
4. Team Composition and Team Work. (how to achieve the ultimate goal and how you should contribute)

Defense of the Ancients

This map was created by Eul, Pendragon and Icefrog as a custom map for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. As any developer, they saw the limitations of what AoS had offered and incorporated more variety to DOTA. As WCIII had already hit the gamers, it was easy to incorporate this free map to the public. This was when MOBA was taken by storm. Since then e-sports was taken a step further. The downside of DOTA was limited to the WCIII:TFT engine there was loads of issues. Some were

1. No reconnect.
2. No Matchmaking.
3. Games were limited to a region or within friends.
4. Unable to balance heroes properly due to limitations of the engine.

Leagues of Legend

After DOTA came Guinsoo with the help of Pendragon who were developers under Eul helped create RIOT games and made this standalone game named Leagues of Legend aka LOL. This was more versatile from DOTA and scaled well with the DOTA concept just like Heroes of Newerth. It was a total makeover and was totally different than DOTA. The cartoonish look towards LOL gave gamers a unique in-game experience. Some of the main features are

1. Automated matchmaking
2. Reconnect tool
3. New Champions (also known as heroes
4. Stat Tracking
5. Built-in Surrender functionality
6. improved in-game GUI
7. Account level progression (summoner system)
8. Improved Mini-Map
9. Multiple Game Maps
10. An In-game tutorial.

Heroes of Newerth

If you talk about a DOTA port the first MOBA game that comes to anyone’s mind is HoN aka Heroes of Newerth. After permission was granted from IceFrog, Newerth was born. They have some of the most wanted heroes from DOTA plus an array of new heroes made from scratch for up to 90+ heroes to select from. They have taken DOTA to the next level and some call it DOTA 2. HoN is also the most fast paced game in comparison with other MOBA’s (not counting vehicle MOBA :P). You will need an adequate knowledge of in-game mechanics and other methodologies to overcome your opponents and take over Newerth. Some of the main features include

1. Player Reconnection Tool
2. Leaver Protection
3. In-Game VOIP
4. Match-Making
5. Stat Tracking
6. Ladder Rankings
7. Re-Bindable Hotkeys and many other great features to improve the users gaming experience! These features really distinguish Heroes of Newerth from DotA!

Bloodline Champions

Now we come to a different aspect of the MOBA Game genre. This is Bloodline Champions. Built by a Swedish company called Stunlock Studios and published by Funcom this game is much different. Actually to me it seems like a port of Unreal Tournament. There are no minions or tower defenses. Just as you spawn you need to eliminate the enemies and stay alive. A game may go up to a maximum of two to three minutes. Depending on how long the enemies survive.


This is the game we are all been waiting for and it seems that the last of the BETA stage for this game is almost over. They will be sending out invites in the near future. As for what I have seen online lately they have seemed to make the game more realistic. They have not gone completely out of the DOTAish look however the landscape and heroes have been rescaled to proper heights. All heroes have new skins and look very dashing.

Blizzard DOTA

I never thought Blizzard will make a DOTA port however eventually they came up with this. In Blizzard DOTA all your favorite heroes will be there. Arthus, Lichking, Zeratul and others who we have been with us in WC and SC will be here to fight the battle of the century. Some of the unique features of Blizzard DOTA are as follows.

1. Power ups are team based. So if someone captures control nodes the minions will be buffed to make it easier to push towers etc.
2. Towers are totally different in Blizzard DOTA as a solo hero is unable to take it down. The effort of team work should be there to exhaust the tower of power and destroy it.
3. Types of hero categories are Tank, Damage Dealer, Support and Siege.

a. Tanks will be in the front line absorbing damage for the squishy heroes.
b. Damage Dealers – they will have immense damage output however lack in basic life skills.
c. Support – is as the name says they are healer or buffers who will help the others win.
d. Siege – This is a new kind of category where they will have long range damage which will assist the team kill towers fast.

Overall each game is unique on its own nature which brings out the flavor for each game created. I see that MOBA games will have a good future and there will be more to come.