I went yesterday to the Dialog office to reactivate my wife’s old sim. As I was been entertained by a service rep another guy pops in and asks for some leaflets for a mobile broadband connection. She hands over the leaflets with the rates and tariffs and he leaves.

Minutes later he comes back and they have an animated conversation.

Customer :- All the rates here include the dongle + sim or just the dongle.

Rep : – Just the dongle sir.

Customer : – oh I see. Is this locked or unlocked?

Rep :- it is locked sir.

Customer :- Can I use it with another sim? like airtel or something.

Rep:- No sir, it’s locked.

Customer :- Can you unlock it for me?’

Rep :- No sir we cannot unlock it.

Customer goes. Rep looks at me and says “What am I to say? Sri Lankans” and she sighs.