So here I am writing after a long time. Sorry for the delay as I got married recently and was preparing for it. Now I am back on track so I am starting my new blog post about the Sri lankan police.

Just got fed up of all the junctions where cops swarm. They are in almost any junction with traffic lights or NOT. It’s strange how traffic automatically generates when they are close by. Maybe this is why they are called traffic cops.

Today was one of the most annoying days as I was driving with my wife to the Hospital. The traffic started from the end of WA Silva Mawatha and entrance of Pamankada in Wellawatte. Went all the way to the roundabout and to Havelock town. You know where the reebok shop is? it went all the way there. What was all this halabaloo? There were three cops at the junction.

On a Saturday it took us 15-20 minutes to go that bit BY CAR. On a normal day it takes around 5-7 mins to do that stretch without cops.

Traffic cops are there just to create traffic. One of the main spots is the junction before the Dehiwela bridge. Remember how all the busses going towards Moratuwa had to go through an alternate road before the bridge.

Sometimes there are four cops in a four-way junction for each road. Each will try and direct traffic their own way and cause more traffic. Why the hell do they want to do this? Do they think they are doing their duty?

e.g. abroad Traffic cops are there when the traffic signals don’t work and someone is needed to direct traffic.