Its a pretty awesome place with loads of things to see. As we go further into the depths of this topic you will get more insight about it.

Where is this thing exactly?
           When you come to the town of Bhuththala you can see all arrows pointing to this unique place. Also with the unique sponsor of Mobitel you cannot miss this HUGE location. This was also the spot for Gam Udawa 92.

How’s the food?
           For a decent amount of 10-50/- you can get a good kadala gotta. For about 100-250 you can get a good deal on meals.

           This is a good question. From the town of Bhuththala you may take a Trishaw (aka Took Took) for like 100 bucks to the main entrance ONLY. It will cost more if you are going take a ride to the other side. Also please note in this lovely town of huththala there are no cabs, busses stop running from 5:30 onwards to Badhulla.

              Let me put it in categories.
              On a normal day with no Dayata Kirula it costs 1000/- a day and night.
              On the day before Dayata Kirula it costs 1500/- a night with day its 2500
              On the day of Dayata Kirula it costs (drum roll) 3000/- a night and 5000 per day. Some places have asked for at least 30,000.
              Other options if you are a stall owner bunk in the stall or go to your uncles place.

How’s the weather? It always seems to be sunny when they show on TV? Sunny? I think it’s in their dreams also I saw it in mine. Weather is terrible. The whole place is muddy and beware that your foot could get stuck in the mud. I broke like 2 pairs of slippers just trying to get to my stall. The first three days were raining and gloomy. The rest of the days were sunny and very hot.

So about stalls.

What was the best and outstanding stall?
        When I recall DK (aka Dayata Kirula), I remember that the best stall out of everywhere was the Kavi Madala. Yes that’s right. (By the way this is my choice :P). So anyways it was very interesting. There were at least five males and six females. They had a session of “Hitiwana Kavi”. That was just great. Also there was a one liner thing, where one person tells one line made at that moment. It was so nice to see how enthusiastic they were to run up to the mic and tell their lines. Very very nice.

What was the most annoying/sad stall?
          The worse stall was the “Pitasakwala Jeeveen” stall. Man, I get pissed by just trying to remember that place. There is a commentator that keeps repeating the same thing all the time like a broken record. From the time DK starts this guy keeps telling the same thing. The volume of the stall was so high it drowned other stalls.

“Ahhh enna enna. Pitasuckwala jeeveen balanna enna. Budhimathuni, meh obe awasthawai, oba jeevitha kalakata dakala nethi jeeveen balanna enna. Pasal yana lamai nae mehe avith ballanna. Obe pasalata mehe pitasuckwala jeeveen gana kianna. Yaanthranu sarayen pana laba oba wetha gena meh jeeveen balanna enna.” There was more to this but you get the main picture. Also as soon as he finished this HUGE intro he’d tell one of the following lines as well.

In and out of the main announcement he would say these.
    “Onna pitasuckwala Jeeviyek oluwa dagena innawa. Onna balanna.” This was just a person with a rubber mask of ET.
    “Onna balagena athul wena kota, bayawenna epa palamuwa innae “Predator” namethi pitasuckwala jeeviya.”
    “Eliyata yana kota innae Alien namethi pitasuckwala jeeveeya, baya wenna epa. ha ha ha”
    “Enna ape Pitasuckwala jeeveenge pradarshana kutiyata mema sthanayata kiyannae Area 57” (How sad is that)
     The worse part of this stall was, its just about all the Scifi movie creatures been reproduced in rubber and made. At least show something real? teach the people, NO they have this false show to educate the local people with trash. They say British scientists have found that these creatures do exist.

Overall other stalls were good. Like from the Airforce, Navy, Police. They showed all the “behind the scene” stuff. Very interesting. There was also a train station with an actual steam engine running down a small track. It went I think 1/2 way around DK. It was pretty good.

So in a summary, bad weather, best stall was the Kavi Madala, worse stall was the Pitasuckwala jeeveen. So next time before you make plans to come to a place like this be prepared. Ask before hand from someone you know around the area about the prices of things.

Have a great Day.