I remember at home
with the days gone by
I used to eat daily
bacon, eggs and even pie

It was so delicious
and great at times
eating these short eats
and drinking juice of limes

As days went by
and months that passed
I just eat these tasty edibles
that later pass through the ass

I never ate veggies
and always hated
sitting in the shytter
totally constipated.

day by day
my mom would scream
”Eat your damn veggies
and it will be out like cream”

So even though
I did just hate
I told myself “let’s do it”
and loaded my plate

with little greens
and mostly chicken
I ate with disgust
and drank water from kitchen

I would eat greens first
and lastly meat
I couldn’t wait
for the latter treat

Months went by
and so did years.
eating greens
with eyes full of tears.

Later one day
I quite remember
we had only greens
it was last September

At that time
we had no meat
had greens at the table
and we sat to eat

Very strangely though,
it was not that bad
ate my greens
and even a salad I had

Later from that time
I myself thought
”I’d eat my greens”
and with my mom i never fought

So from that day on
until today
I ate less meat
and it’s not so ghay

So this year forth
I told my teddy
I will change my ways
from a meatarian to a veggie