Time has gone and things have changed.
I met this girl in an office van so strange

I always knew her as a good friend of mine
Always joking and laughing inline.

At this time in this van so strange
She was going out with a huge and ugly Orange

When I heard the news I didn’t care
But my heart went from Joy to despair

Cos before this, a small crush I had
Thinking she’s the one and am her lad

I never did want to interfere
Or just be a pain to their affair

Time went by and lost her contact
I thought of the good times we shared and had

Suddenly on a day so normal
I got a call from someone special

To my surprise it was her back there
My heart leap out from despair

So my friend was back and I was happy
But inside I became a sadder puppy

After a few days she said “Listen,
A thing I need to tell you with reason”

Remember of the affair I had?
It broke and I am really not sad

To me I thought it happened for fate
To me it was joy and also great

After a little more time to come
I asked her out and thought I should run

But to my joy and ecstasy
She agreed and said “So let it be”