Sooo… life is fvcked and messed up everyday
here is a rhyme to keep me happy and gay

I met her randomly through a friend of mine
I got to know her and I knew she wanted time
But all the other busses I missed
giving chances and waited just like this

One time we were chatting in happy humor
she wanted more like a growing tumor
but then a time just came at rest
and silence came to our online nest

She got busy it was sad
we drifted apart and am not glad
my heart is aching when she comes online
just to see her with her friend and mine

Now when I chat there is no response
I feel like a sack of potatoes once
but I know life sucks and this is bad
what could be worse? I had also lost my dad

Now days are shitty and time is less
the more time flies the more am not @ rest
if I asked her out I know she’d change
her happy mood to something strange

She had bad experiences at one time
but then that’s the past, now it’s time to shine
I wish I can tell her how I felt
the first time we spoke and how my heart did melt

So I always remember not to regret
for words not spoken and things not said
I look back now and remember happy times
when we spoke and chatting from million miles

I’d never forget her and she’d always be there
Even though I am here in great despair
I just want to see her happy and now she is
so I will leave quietly like the mist

She never saw me as someone special
unless I was a genius or exceptional