Work is good, you can do a ton,
If we all had this motive and worked for fun,
it would be nice and easy to say,
that working is not that really very gay.

Some days are bad and other times shyt,
sometimes you just wanna lay a brick.
but if you think you can do this right,
nothing is impossible and can be finished before night.

So when you come to work that day,
Just look at that shyt and just say "Hey,
I love this shyt and do my work,
cos working is my passion, and am not a jerk.

So once you do it and finish this lot,
then you can go home and sleep in a cot.
cos you feel it’s kewl and awesome at time,
to work hard in office and think its no crime,

cos the day was good and it went pretty well,
so the next day your boss would not have to Yell,
"Hey WTF, you didn’t work your stuff,
what do you take me for, a muff?".

So now my story ends here,
and hope this note just gave a cheer.
Have a wonderful and bright day.
shyting and working all the way.