Hmmmmm…. after so long and much fuss I turned into a vegetarian… Yea… I know it looks hard.. but very easy.. If you are a meat lover please don’t read this cos you might change the way you see meat and become a vegetable like myself.

Why the change?
Well the change is because it’s just I wanna change a bit and see. I did a full body checkup recently and everything was border line. I mean cholesterol, blood sugar, etc. So I was thinking how can I change my way of eating? I loved KFC, pizza hut, Bros-ters etc. When i normally get the salary as a treat I go and have something. During weeks I eat bacon and egg pastries, fish and egg pastries etc.

Why did I stop meat completely.
To change myself not to indulge in these fine cuisines I don’t have the will power to stop only eating from these places. So how can I make this happen. I need to change. So therefore i came up with the idea that am going to be a vegetarian.

Motivation to stop meat.
The change came to me slowly. My mom told me stop eating beef. She told never eat it and she stopped buying beef to the house. So when ever I went out. I didn’t touch beef.

Now I needed to stop chicken because that’s the main thing I love eating. So slowly I began to open my eyes and look into things. What do we eat saying it’s chicken? A chicken of course. Have you had a closer look @ a dead chicken? I mean. It was once living, it was breathing and taking dumps. Now it’s dead. Have you seen your mom make chicken? She takes the knife and chop, slice. cleans the gizzard and liver. You know we also have a liver and stuff. We eat this off another animal? It’s grotesque. I feel really sad to think people will actually butcher animals for eating.

You know how they kill cows? they slice the bottom part of the throat of the cow and they drain the blood. Pigs are killed with poles. They hit the pig. dash it on the ground and kill them. Just imagine what would be running through their minds? They feel death. no one wants to die.

So you think by you becoming a vegetarian people will stop the slaughter of animals?
Well, to start something like that we got to start somewhere. I know for a fact I cannot go to the slaughter house and tell them stop killing animals. I cannot go tell other people stop eating meat. It’s stupid. So we have to start small and somewhere. So that small and somewhere person is me.

For more info on this please check my blog on – “How to change myself”.

People are bound to ask me. OMFG you are a vegetarian now? how did you do it? etc. Then those people will learn to start been vegies. Then what happens the need for chicken dies down and slaughter houses will go @ a loss. I know this is a long term thing however I needed to start it now or it will never begin.

I want to thank all my vegie friends for giving me support and courage. So my last line is “Be a man, do the right thing” like what russel peters said. 😛

TTyl ppl