Hmmmm… well.. I was thinking I should start this but it took some time and since am free now I thought i might as well write it.

The most famous question I have been asked is “Why is my boyfriend not understanding?” she says “I care for him so much and all he does is ignore me”.

Like in Buddhism we learn Dukata hethuwa and duka nathikireemae margaya (the reason to be sad and the path we need to take to resolve this sadness).

What was the misunderstanding they had? well it all starts like this. Normally a guy/girl will have a friend. They maybe best friends or just normal friends. So will take a couple who is just started going out. Now will say the guy gets upset about something. Nothing related to the relationship. The girl gets the whiff of it and starts asking questions.

“Hey, what’s up?”
”Are you ok?”
”Any thing wrong my dear?” etc

The guy replies depending on how much he knows about her. e.g. since they just started going out, his reply would most probably be “Naaa am fine, it will be ok”.

Now how it all started.
girl: “Ane darling, tell me ko?”
boy: “Nothing my dear, just let me be”
girl: “Please tell me, cos i really don’t like to see you upset”.
boy: “I told you nae once, just leave me alone.”
girl: “If there is a problem we need to solve it, please tell me”.

You get my drift right? basically when a guy says “It’s nothing, leave me alone”, they mean it. So please ladies just leave him alone. I know it’s going to bug you for sometime. But in the end he will realize that he ignored you when you were there for him. and he’d come back and tell that he was sorry.

Now again how things can fire off. (ep1)
boy: “Am sorry my dear. I was a bit upset and I needed a moment for myself”.
girl: ”Well, I don’t like you doing that. Am really hurt”.
boy: “I told you nae , it’s all good. Just forget it”.
girl: “What do you mean just forget it?”

You get my drift again? how this could have ended.(ep2)
boy: “Am sorry my dear. I was a bit upset and I needed a moment for myself.”
girl: “Hey baby, it’s ok. i can understand. I just wanted to let you know am always there for you until the end. I love you.”
The guy gets lucky that night.. ;)..

Now this is where the friend comes in (ep1).
Friend: “What’s the scene man u look pissed.”
boy: “Yea men. I have this problem i told you and my women constantly keeps nagging and asking me what’s wrong. Even if I tell it’s nothing to do with us she keeps telling this shyt man… WTF”.
Friend: “Dude chill, lets go have a beer”.

Now (ep1) if the friend was a girl
Friend “Hey is everything ok?”
boy: “Yea, shape. Just that my girl doesn’t understand my feelings. I don’t know what to do”

As you can see from the example how some other problem becomes their problem. 😦

The best thing to do is talk to your partner. Understand him and his reactions. By no time you guys will be loving each other with less problems.

Me off for now. ttyl