Well… hmmm after thinking for sometime i figured out why I should let anyone know how my friendship works.. : )))).. It’s the way I have been for the past few years (7+) helping friends etc..

Well first off I make friends… I am an easy going person and understand people to a certain extent. I put myself in the shoe of my friends and understand what they feel and what they go through. Sometimes I won’t understand cos it get’s complicated. So then i just let it be.

So how does my friendship work? first will check why I want to be your friend?
      well why the hell would i want to be your friend? good question, because you may not have a good friend you can rely on etc. I have come to know that this world is very scary. I have good friends I can relate to so I know the value of a good friendship. But unlike me and my other friends some of the people in this cruel world don’t have good friends to rely on. Some take advantages out of friendships and strands them on a ledge of no return. There are people who will take all the information given by you to blackmail you. So it got me thinking maybe I can help people and help them out. So I started the quest of friendship and love. ^^

      How do you know if a person is worth helping? from my PoV basically I take a big risk. I put myself in front and become friends. Takes me about 15 – 20 mins to get to know a person roughly to see if she/he is worth my friendship. :)). Then i will do the occasional “Hii, Good morning, what you up to?”. So from there onwards it’s how you get to know the person.

     Being a true friend requires a lot of hard work. There are loads of sacrifices you might need to make.

The first rule I live by when making friends. Never cross the line between friendship and relationship. Think clear, is she the one you love or does she love you as much as you do? The main point is, it’s useless falling in love with someone who isn’t in love with you. So since you love this person and he/she doesn’t return it back, just be her friend.

Next you should know how much your friend can handle. e.g. Once you start to get to know a person, you should get an understanding of how much friendship they need to survive. Few of my friends needs to be assured that they need to be fine and the day will be good. Asking them if everything is ok? etc. Some friends are very strong @ heart. Relationships that have messed up have made them strong and they can handle almost anything on their own. These friends will only need to be assured that you will be there for them when they need someone to talk. Also these are the most hardest to make friends.

   So I make friends then check if they really need a good friend, if they do am there for them… that’s all.

   Boundaries of my friendship. When you are friends, you have boundaries that will limit your friendship towards a person.

Normal friendship
      This is the normal kind of friendship anyone wants. The person you are friends with has no gf/bf. No complications. So am there for them when ever they need to get on a day to day basis. After they start going out, I leave their side but assure them I am there when they need a friend.

Advisory friendship
      This is the kind of friendship a girl/guy needs when they are going to go out and not sure or they are confused with what’s the right thing to do? I ask them what they want to do, If they give me choices I would ask what do you think and give advice around it. If they say “I don’t know? :(” then I tell them to take their time and think it over and come back with some ideas. basically am just a friend to give advice I don’t tell them what to do. It’s the choices they make.

Anyways my policy is if a person already has a friend she/he can rely on I just silence down slowly and disappear because too many cooks may spoil a soup. LOL.

me off…