Well, it’s strange how fellow Sri Lankans joke and pun about others but they get highly offended when you joke about them. They start to retaliate and get angry.

     When i was schooling at college all my friends used to laugh and taunt me about me been a Chinese. I mean I was born in Sri Lanka and I did Sinhala medium @ college. Sometimes I was really hurt cried sometimes too. Yea, very sad situation. Only some friends were really cool. They respect each other. Anyways after sometime I began to think. “People are so funny, they make jokes about me, but when i make a joke about them, they get offended.”. So I finally gave it up and now I just really don’t care.

      You become my friend. If you don’t like me. don’t talk to me. LOL. I cannot simply not joke about people when they joke about me. My jokes are normally lame and not offensive. Most people in Sri Lanka don’t think much. Now after reading this post start scolding me about what i said and tell that Sri Lankas are very understanding and broad minded. 😛

     Well anyways this is my PoV. The way I see things as an alien. he he he. Anyways if you make fun of me be prepared to be the butt of jokes. If you don’t like my style just ignore me. :P. I have told my friends and all of them know me well. I won’t change because I offended one when all others love me. 🙂

    This goes to all the people who talk behind my back saying am joking about them which is not right. LOL.

Take care