Helped me lean about life, living, friendship, loving etc. learned a lot from reading articles. I have been changing myself to be a better person each day. How can this be done you say? Let me share how I do it. I will be writing small posts or long ones depending on what I feel. I may start the topic “Friends” but end up writing about “What are the benefits of eating veggies?”.

So how I try and change myself. Fist of all let’s see why I want to change myself? let’s answer this question.

I was thinking the world should be a better place to live if these these things were there. Maybe something like “If we have more trees, it would have been cooler.” etc. but how can I do that… that’s really silly. One day my dad came up to me and said, “Let me tell you a story”

How life changed for “it”.

Once there was this man who was walking on the beach. That day the tide was high and loads of starfish were washed ashore. Along the beach, as this man walked he saw another man throwing something to the ocean. This dude went closer to that man. “WTF is he doing?” thought the man. As this man got closer he found out that the other person was picking up the starfish and throwing it back to the sea.

Stranger: Hi
Starfish thrower: Hey
Stranger: what you up to?
Starfish thrower: Well am just throwing these starfish back into the ocean.
Stranger: Will it make a difference? I mean, look at all these starfish, you cannot possibly throw them all into the ocean?
Starfish thrower:*picks up a starfish and throws it back into the ocean and looks @ the stranger* “Well, it did chance it’s life”.

This was a story my dad told me years ago and then i saw this same story in “Chicken Soup for the soul”.

We always think big and try to do many things, but remember to do something big we need to start small. Where do we start small? well it’s up to us.

So why do I want to change myself? because people, by looking at me will try and change themselves. When they change themselves other people will follow and will change.

So now the next question how I change myself? well it’s very hard and you need strong will power.

**$$Please note that everything written here is what I DO, am not telling YOU to be like me. This is what I practice. Remember a human is different in their own way, culture also depends, so if you are going to comment please remember to respect my ideas.$$**

So where were we… oh yea.. lol… How I change myself? I use new year resolutions. Yea, you heard me correct. So how do I do it? simple. I make a new year resolution to myself and I keep it for that year. If I can get it through that year, it means I can do that for the next year. So all my new year resolutions stack up.. lol..

Some of the new year resolutions I still keep.

This year was: Eat less meat and more veggies. Try and walk more.
Some of my old ones: Don’t smoke. Respect everyone for who they are and not what they say. most of the others are personal. 😛

This is by far the main way I change myself for the better.