well.. this was a small issues with my friends… what MMO would you really wanna play? an MMO that is free to play or Pay to Play? Please note that I have used wow and guild wars since that’s the only Pay to Play games i got.

Let’s take this all one @ a time..

Free to play

This type of MMO is very straight forward… you can play for free… I have discreetly spoken with some ppl who play these games and got some views… one said “It’s very kewl to level up fast but once you hit lvl 70 all quests die down and up to lvl 80 it’s all grinding…”

The plot thickens now… These free MMO’s will have a donation system… ppl who feel like they need a good weapon… or to show off something unique that only a donator has he will donate and get the item… This makes the game totally imbalanced… also ppl who donate for these actually spend more cash on Free MMO’s rather than Pay to play.

Pay to Play

This type of MMO is also very straight forward.. you have to pay a monthly subscription to have your account going… I play world of warcraft… it’s really fun.. everything is equal.. there are no donators… if you have a big huge ass weapon you can get it from drops or buy them from special shops in game…

Every character you see in wow is always different… no 2 characters look the same… Blizzard has a good idea how item should look on each class and what they do…

Lineage2 is also a Pay to Play MMO… Guildwars… hmm this is a kewl game too.. but I prefer WoW… lol


The main point in a MMO is about the skills you have and the knowledge you have about other characters/races… in wow all level 80 characters have the same set of skills they may even have the same weapons but it all depends on how u use it… e.g. if you are a Rouge fighting against a paladin is much more different than fighting against a mage… if you try and kill the mage using your method to killl the paladin you will fail miserably… but it all depends on luck and tactics…


Pay to Play

Lineage2 – www.lineage2.com
World of Warcraft – www.worldofwarcraft.com
guild wars – www.guildwars.com

Free to Play

Perfect world – www.perfectworld.com/