I was thinking how I should start my blog entries. For some time now people would have come across my blog and found it empty. well that’s going to change because with my new carrier  path as a Technical Writer I will always have to be one step ahead of my game. So this is the place where I am going to start.

This following section I took was from a friend of mine called lohitha. He had posted an email in our university group and this one caught my eyes.

Do you really know how to forward an email?

Just think for a moment, do you really know how to forward email? I looked at this question with surprise when I thought for a moment. Just press the “Forward” button in any email program, give the receivers email address and then press “Send”.

Well to be exact most of us DO NOT know how to properly forward an email. So I thought with a small perspective from my view and this email we can get through to some people out there. 🙂

Do you wonder why you get viruses or junk mail? Do you hate it? Well I do. I once remember I got this bad virus where every “.exe” file was infected. This caused my antivirus to automatically delete the executables. My “notepad.exe” was not there as well.